Why do I want to mediate disputes

After all, I’ve spent 23 years as a lawyer creating (as some would say) disputes, then 16 years listening to and often deciding disputes; then why now shift gears and mediate disputes?

Mediating is about facilitation rather than decision-making which has occupied my last 16 years. I have always enjoyed being a problem-solver, more of a “project guy” to get things done so mediating is, for me, a comfortable idea. A lot of my past also includes public service whether on the bench or serving on community boards including such things as chairing for my church the design and construction of “Canterbury” in Big Spring, elderly retirement apartments.

Mediation is a process and as a CPA and former auditor with (the former) Arthur Andersen & Co. I have long been accustomed to the notion of “process” as a means to an end — the end in mediation being the resolution of conflict.

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