Forms you will need:

GLJ2a Agreement to Mediate   GLJ2b Agreement to Mediate – family — the client and attorney will be asked to sign a copy of this prior to commencing the mediation. Please carefully read it in advance.

GLJ2.1 Mediation Fee Schedule — this form explains the fee basis and will normally become applicable only if the mediation continues beyond the scheduled time or has to be recessed and resumed another day. This is part of the Agreement to Mediate.

GLJ SPECIAL DURABLE POWER OF ATTORNEY for mediation. This is required any time a representative/agent is appearing with authority to settle the case. This does not apply to insurance defense where counsel and the adjuster are present.

Child Support Information sheet — if child support is at issue, this form should be filled out in advance.

Financial Information sheet for family courts — in all family law cases where either child or spousal support is at issue, this form should be filled out in advance.

Family – Standard Possession Order — this “checklist” format of the standard possession order under Texas law may be used as an attachment to the Mediated Settlement Agreement.

Children’s Bill of Rights — this should be reviewed in advance by every parent preparing to mediate in a suit involving children. You may see it again.


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