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Flexible Payment Arrangements

I hate dealing with the money side. I wish I could just do this for free, but I can’t. Your attorney or you should already have selected your mediation date and now you have been directed to this page. If you don’t yet have a date set, the scheduling should be done first.

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No checks pleasePayment arrangements

I hate to deal with financial messiness but payment is due from each side  in accordance with the Fee Schedule (Revised Oct 1, 2016) at least 5 business days prior to the day of your mediation. If payment is not received from each side, or satisfactory other arrangements made by that time, the mediation is subject to cancellation. If you wish to use a credit card on the day of the mediation, please advise me of that and arrive at least 15 minutes early so that valuable mediation time is not consumed dealing with payment.

Checks (not personal client checks) should be made payable to:  GUILFORD JONES

NOTE:  The quoted fees are per side, that is each separate party that is not totally aligned with another will pay a separate fee. Please see the fee page for more details.

Lunch arrangements for Full Day mediations

Lunch is brought in for full day mediations, and is provided by the mediator (except in CPS cases). Feel free to bring your own “sack lunch” and if you have special dietary concerns you will need to provide your own lunch.

Payments by Check

Payment may be made by cashier’s check, insurance company check, corporate check, or check drawn on the bank account of (or payment guaranteed by) a law firm and payable to Judge Gil Jones, Mediator at PO Box 1466, Marble Falls, TX 78654.  The Tax ID number is 74-2622672. No client personal checks please.

Payments by Credit Card (card data is NOT stored on this site)

  • By credit card on the Square system.  (test link for staff only)
  • There is a slight processing charge when using the Square system from this web site, or when using a credit card at the time of the mediation.

Multi-day & other details

Multi-day mediations can be arranged for a negotiated fee by contacting me by phone or email.

Out of town mediations

Mediation beyond the four counties of the 33rd & 424th judicial districts is considered out of town. I am happy travel to mediate and will discuss special arrangements for fees and travel expenses. The Fee Schedule (linked above) has basic fees outlined for out of town engagements.

Re-scheduling and cancellation policy

We all have to work diligently to find a date when everyone can convene.  If necessary, I will intervene with the Court to request additional time under the Order of Referral for Mediation.  The attorneys MUST consult with their clients prior to scheduling the mediation to insure that the date is available for them.

The date will be treated as a Court setting. I will not reset the mediation except for what would constitute good cause to postpone a trial. Please carefully consider your advance preparation before selecting a date.  Once the date is set, please notify me immediately if you do not think the case will be ready to be mediated on the scheduled date.

If a date has been set, cancelled and reset, and the new date has been cancelled by any party to the mediation, a third mediation date will not be confirmed without prepayment of the full mediation fee from all parties. A date can be held for you temporarily; however, if payment in full is not received ten (10) business days prior to the third confirmed mediation date, the date will be released.  In the unlikely event that a third confirmed mediation date is cancelled, the fee will be nonrefundable.

I do not typically charge for administrative expenses in a normal case. I do not charge a rescheduling fee if the case is rescheduled for reasons which would normally delay a trial. However, this excludes a cancellation for “additional discovery.”

Cancellations due to settlement:

There is no charge if a case settles prior to mediation, provided that I receive notice of the cancellation at least by noon of two days in advance (e.g. noon of Tuesday for a Thursday mediation). Otherwise, if I receive less notice, a 25% cancellation fee will be charged.

Cancellations other than due to settlement:

In the event a case is reset for the convenience of a party, or a party decides to cancel an agreed mediation other than due to settlement, that party may be charged a rescheduling/cancellation fee of an amount up to the full mediation fee for the case. In the event that more than one party is requesting a reset or cancellation, the fee may be divided between all requesting parties. If at least two weeks’ notice is given, there will be no charge assessed so please provide as much advance notice as possible.


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