DWI roadside tests

WASHINGTON—The Supreme Court on Thursday issued a middle-ground decision on the rights of drunken driving suspects, ruling that police officers can require a driver to take a breath test without obtaining a warrant, but not a blood test.

Wall Street Journal. (2016, June 23). U.S. Supreme Court Takes Middle Ground on Drunken-Driving Tests Without Warrant – WSJ. Retrieved June 27, 2016, from http://www.wsj.com/articles/u-s-supreme-court-takes-middle-ground-on-drunken-driving-tests-without-warrant-1466692448

It’s a certainty in Burnet County now that a warrant will be obtained to take a blood sample. This Supreme Court decision is really of no importance to the areas that have gone “no refusal” either all the time or, as Austin does, during certain weekends and days of special events.

The evidence obtained by a blood test, if obtained by a valid warrant, is almost impossible to beat. Therefore, just don’t drink and drive.