Thanks for a good 2014

I am grateful for the continued opportunity to serve through the processes of mediation and other methods of dispute resolution. The year 2014 was successful for me in being able to keep my hand in the legal/judicial system, and for 94.8% of the 66 cases I mediated. We engaged in the process for a total of 401.75 hours, or an average of just over six hours per case.

Almost weekly I continue to be asked if I miss being on the bench or if I like dispute resolution more or less than being a sitting judge. My answer is I loved my time serving as the 33rd District Court Judge and I love what I’m doing now. The two disciplines are quite different but really are equally satisfying.

Doing either for the goal of making a living is not in and of itself gratifying, but having the opportunity — in either capacity — to resolve differences between disputants is highly gratifying. Thus I continue to be grateful for those lawyers and litigants who place their trust in me to assist them in turning conflict into productive conversation.

Thank you one and all.

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