Online scheduling – pick your own date

On the Schedule Now page you will find complete instructions on how to use the online scheduling procedure. You can pick your date, reserve it with just a couple of clicks, and give me all of the initial information I need at the outset. A temporary confirmation goes out immediately so you get quick feedback on your booking. There is even an online payment facility through SQUARE.

The Schedule Now page will tell you all you need to know. Further instructions are included in the emails you will get when the date is booked.
Schedule Mediation

Considerable effort has been put into making this online scheduling work for you. The engine driving it is the very fine FullSlate® scheduling system. Extensive customization has been done to make it fit your needs.

I hope that this process will be easy for the user — typically the attorney taking the lead in booking the date. Feel free to leave a comment with suggestions or any problems you have using the system.

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